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Rapid Installation

Three to six weeks total deployment time compared to 27-47 weeks when using conventional solutions.


Minimal Disruption

Parking lot compromised for days compared to 4-8 weeks when using conventional solutions.  


Low or No Cost

Buying equipment is optional. Have it installed for free and only buy the electricty.


Simple Structure

Easy quick and automateable assembly using only few prefabricated parts.


Endless Scalability

Adaptable to all parking structures, based on the same modular platform.


Simple Construction

Minimally invasive assembly due to self-stabilizing structure without foundations.

Rapid Planning.

Rapid Shipment.

Rapid Installation.

Universal Rapid Deployment Technology

▪ Standardized, pre-approved system
Minimal planning, approval efforts, and time: rapid deployment.

▪ Universal fit
No requirement for site-specific customization: mass produced.

▪ Prefabricated
Minimal construction effort on-site: minimal disruption.

▪ Simple modular structure
Easy and quick, automatable assembly. 

▪ Minimally invasive construction
Self-stabilizing for foundation-free installation.

▪ Designed for transportation
Optimized shipment in trucks and containers.

▪ Zero investment
No hardware purchase needed.

Our Impact

The energy transformation is stumbling

The power grid’s capacity is insufficient and not expanding at the same rate es demand.

The human workforce is
becoming more and
more constraining for
the deployment of

Planning, financing, and
building renewable
utilities comes with
many difficulties,
hurdles and efforts.

Instead of recovering
nature, renewables are
often pushing it back
and wasting precious

The UV Energy Revolution


Our solution helps large commercial consumers generate power locally, right where it is being used, and thus relieving the grid.


We maximize deployment speed for renewable utilities while at the same time minimizing and easing human labor.


We dramatically facilitate access to renewable utilities and leverage automation to streamline operations.


By using already sealed surfaces like parking lots for large-scale solar utilities, we avoid wasting green spaces.

Our Mission

Creating the world's largest and most rapidly built

Virtual Solar Power Plant